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Dropping a Class

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Click here to view the "Class Drop and Withdrawal" section of National University's general catalog to learn about when you can drop a class, how to do so, and what happens when a course is dropped.

You can locate the section by clicking the link above and looking at the righthand side page, first section.

An important step regarding dropping a class involves connecting with your Academic Advisor. You can find your advisor's contact information in your Student Portal
Once logged into your Student Portal, Click on the "My Advisor" under Quicklinks Your Advisor's contact information will show up in a new tab.

Also, if you are using any VA educational benefits (i.e. GI Bill, Voc Rehab, etc.), you need to notify the NU VA department regarding the change in your schedule. It is important that you update this office so that things are properly processed. The VA office can be contacted by phone at 858/541-7970 or email at veteransaffairs@nu.edu.

Also, if you applied for financial aid, please contact the financial aid office regarding your dropped course. Financial aid can be contacted by phone at 858/642-8590 or email at finaidinfo@nu.edu.

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