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Planning and Scheduling (Time Management)

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Between school, family, work, and other responsibilities, schedules can fill quickly and it can be easy to become overwhelmed and tired. One way to take action against these feelings is to work towards improving the way that you divide your time and focus on different activities.

Here is a guide put together by Student Success that discusses ways to schedule assignments, plan out your week, and manage tasks.

Assignment calculator: This tool allows you to enter the date you start working on an assignment and the date it's due to give you a suggested timeline for research, drafting, and reviewing the assignment. This can be helpful as you look ahead in classes to plan ahead with your time.

This article, How to Stay Productive While Studying at Home, is written by a student who talks about what helps her to be productive while studying at home. Pay special attention to the various scheduling techniques she discusses in point number four.

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