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NU Writing Center

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The Writing Center’s mission is to coach undergraduate and graduate students in all stages of the writing process through collaborative, interactive, and individualized online or in-person sessions. Our goal is to help students become more effective, confident, life-long writers through critical thinking, self-observation, and the application of sound writing principles and strategies.

We offer 40-minute online or on-site consultations that are designed to help demystify the writing process. These consultations take the form of conversations on topics of your choice: for example, brainstorming ideas, developing your thesis statement or research question, organizing or outlining your paper, determining appropriate forms of evidence or support for your claim, avoiding plagiarism and citing sources, or strengthening your writing at the sentence level. Please note that we will not “fix” your paper for you. Instead, we are here to empower you with the thinking and writing tools you need to reach your academic goals. We are not editors, but teachers.

Students may make up to three 40-minute appointments with the Writing Center per week.
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