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NU Student Accessibility Services

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Student Accessibility Services promotes diversity as an integral part of human experience and is dedicated to creating a fully integrated and inclusive learning community. Through dialogue and collaboration with the campus community, Student Accessibility Services guides the multidisciplinary and interdepartmental initiative to design, implement, and sustain accessible learning environments. In our work with students, we apply culturally aware and strengths-based precision learning plans and accommodations, which may include:

  • •Self-Advocacy Training

  • •Technology Resources

  • •Access to Communication

  • •Removal of Barriers

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) offers programs and consultations to empower students with disabilities to reach their full potential. The registration process is interactive and specific to each student. If you are a student with a disability yet are unsure of whether or not you will qualify for accommodations, understand the process of registration is flexible, click here to learn more and get started.