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How do I access an affordable computer?

There are few avenues to explore when looking to access an affordable computer. Here are some suggestions on where to start:

1. Check out your local library as many public libraries are now starting to offer Chromebooks that you can check out and use at home (like a library book). Search your local library and then look for things like "services," "technology," "laptops," and "chromebooks." Almost every library has computers that can be used while in the library as well. If you aren't able to find anything online, call the listed number and ask the librarian. These are good options to temporarily support you while you find a longer term solution.

2. Utilize the Everyone On platform to search through different computer (and internet) offerings in your zip code. The platform will ask you about a variety of potential eligibility criteria, once you make your selections you will then see what is available. Scroll down to “Devices Offers” to view the computer options. It will list national programs as well as local internet provider programs.