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Housing instability resources

  • Available Anywhere

If you are dealing with housing instabilities, we would encourage you to explore a few different options.

1. Call 2-1-1: A phone number that can be dialed in any county in the United States that will direct individuals towards various social service and community resources to assist with things like food resources, utility assistance, connection to shelters and/or safe parking programs, housing eviction prevention, etc.

Many counties also have online databases, which allow you to search your county's local resources. You can locate your local 2-1-1 here.

2. Shelters: Look into shelters on your own. Here is the nationwide shelter directory list.

3. Safe Parking Programs: If you have a car, some regions in the US have programs that allow a secure place to park and access to resources (dinners, bathroom facilities, wifi, etc.). In order to check your area google "safe parking in (your location)" and see what comes up.

Once again, 211 is the first recommendation as these individuals are the most knowledgeable about your particular region's housing resources.